Sotoda Saifi Coaching

Sotoda Saifi Coaching

Hosted by: Sotoda Saifi

My name is Sotoda Saifi, and on this series of Podcasts I want to share with you how we can create Self Love, self care and confidence. I am grateful to have amazing conversations with the most fascinating and...


4. Marvin Foe Aman: ON Science of Spirituality and Self Love

Season #1 Episode #5

On this episode of Self Love School, I sat down with entrepreneur and hypnotherapist Marvin Foe Aman. Marvin is also known for his public speaking on Spirituality and is the founder of ‘The Science of...
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3. Self Love with Anxiety

Season #1 Episode #4

How do we Love Ourselves when we feel anxious --- Support this podcast:
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2. Embrace your Divine Feminine energy

Season #1 Episode #3

This event is for Women Only and we’re going to be exploring our connection to our femininity and divinity. So often women get stuck in their masculine energy when we analyse, plan things, working hard, we forget to...
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1. Healing the Heart ❤️: Love | Relationships | Attachment styles group healing.

Season #1 Episode #2

We will be focusing on the 4 different Attachment styles and we will be going through what causes them, how they affect our relationships at present and how we can heal them once and for all. We will do a hypnosis to...
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How do we forgive others when we are hurting?

Season #1 Episode #1

What do we do when we have anger, resentment, blame, self doubt, jealousy, sadness and grief? Forgiveness benefits the forgiver. Whereas, holding onto the past, the mistakes, the hurt, the resentment, the failures...
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