"The 6-hour session I had with Sotoda was absolutely amazing. In just one session she guided me through my inner consciousness and helped me understand myself deeply. It feels like I have done years of therapy in just one session. The experience is so bespoke and it feels like I was my own therapist which helped me understand myself as a person so much more and gave me an insight on how to tackle future problems as well. Sotoda was absolutely amazing guiding me through the whole experience. I think this is the future for mental health.  

My family and I can’t thank you enough, for what feels like, giving me a second chance or a fresh start in life."



It was an amazing experience, i went very deep in my subconscious mind and cleared lot of trauma which was stuck for decades.


The 6-hour session was so profound. It truly saved my life and from the current trajectory it was on. It’s deep healing that finally uncovered the cause of my chronic fatigue and allowed it to be released. This is a more than a lifetime of therapy in one session and Sotoda is an amazing guide throughout. I can’t thank her enough for the safety and support she provides for this healing.

- K

I have followed Sotoda for quite a while on Instagram but it was recently that one of her stories deeply resonated with me. I was feeling burnt out, obsessively over-thinking and after another failed relationship I was feeling a need for real change. I thought I had nothing to lose so I tried one of her trauma healing workshops. I learnt so much about myself in just that one session. I came out feeling lighter and energised. Since that one guided session last weekend, I have already enjoyed finding creative ways to further my career. I have slept better and although I have had emotional moments I have been able to self-soothe more and control my inner-voice to be kind and gentle. I have now signed up to the Self-Mastery and completed some of the recorded hypnosis sessions. I am so excited to see where my healing journey will take me and get to know myself more in the next few months. 


The Self Mastery Circle has been amazing so far. Each session gets deeper and deeper for me as I unlock different parts of myself. I've felt a range of emotions doing the sessions, the good, the bad and the ugly and there has always been a release straight after, which is how I know they are working. I love how Sotoda's approach starts with a discussion and I love how attentive she is to people while she reads everyone's comments in the Zoom chat. I also love how she eases us into hypnotherapy by calming the nervous system. She always provides such a safe, comforting and solicitous space for us and it gives way for the energy shifts to take place at the deepest levels. The replays are just as effective and Sotoda is always there to answer questions even if we miss the live sessions. She cares so much about everyone she works with and it really shows! Thank you Sotoda! xox


A lot of us go through childhood trauma without realising the effect it has in our adulthood. It will show up in different ways. Patterns will appear on the way we interact with others, our personal relationships etc.... Healing is not a quick band aid, it takes time. With the right tools and guidance and the will to forgive yourself and others, the path is there for us to take..Trauma can come at any age. I had the chance to contact Sotoda, I would recommend her without any hesitation!


I’ve had some hypnotherapy and meditation sessions with Sotoda and she’s the kindest, most intuitive person. I have gained remarkable insight about myself with her help and felt such a difference after her sessions. I feel calmer and less anxious In my life so thank you Sotoda for sharing your knowledge xx


7 days ago I did a Hypnotherapy session with Sotoda and I am still tingling from it. She has a gift of guiding you through a world beyond your consciousness, one that is present within yourself just waiting to be explored. Due to her warmth, I felt completely safe and open to be led towards a path that gave me so much energy and confidence. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am still benefitting from it.


The first time I experienced hypnotherapy through Sotoda’s sessions, I was completely blown away. I felt so safe and cared for in a therapy session and I managed to learn so much about myself that I had hidden deep inside. 
I attended many of her group sessions as well, where I experienced the magical bliss of doing shadow work together as a collective. The events were absolutely amazing! 
I am extremely happy about everything she has taught me about myself. 
Sotoda’s kindness and love towards everyone is what makes her so special! 


One of the ways I start my day is by listening to your 15 min hypnosis morning meditation. If I ever forget to listen to it , I notice a remarkable difference to the way my day goes. It’s become a daily practice for me now & I can’t go without listening to it.


I attended the 6 week trauma healing course as an investment to personal growth with the intention to change my mindset. Regardless of this I had a laidback approach to allow for a natural healing process and I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised as I felt a shift within me. I gained understanding, acceptance and a sense of inner peace. Sotoda is amazing and her guided meditation is truly hypnotic, in the sense it really unlocks deeper levels of yourself. 


Before entering my session with Sotoda there were many thoughts going through my head. After my session, I felt free and like I finally gained the sense of clarity I’ve been trying to seek. Since then, I feel like I finally let go of what no longer is serving me and I am at peace with my higher self. Thank you, Sotoda for all the love and light you put into this universe.


When I went to my first session, I experienced something that I had never experienced before. I was able to connect with a part of my soul, I had never communicated with before. My session with Sotoda helped me open doors that were shut my whole life, allowing me to experience things I had not been aware of before. I felt like the changes I needed to make in my life in order to feel the happiness I deserve, were made so clear to me. I felt at ease and very comfortable to relax."


It was an amazing session with Sotoda. I was guided into a deeper meditation where it took me to a deeper level of consciousness in my subconscious mind. I always wanted to have a session to meet my Higher self where I can connect deeper and have some questions answered. The wisdom I got from my higher self was beyond my imagination. Sotoda thank you for your gentle and compassionate guidance (Higher Self Hypnosis) 

- S.A

It was a pleasurable experience having a wonderful session with Sotoda, which was beneficial for my spiritual growth and life fulfilment. My life, as many other young working parents, is filled with never ending everyday tasks that have an impact on my overall life experience. The session I had with Sotoda gave me an opportunity to look back into my life and reflect,. After the session I felt that I have clearer sense of myself and my surroundings. She helped me look at my past decisions through a new perspective and this had a huge impact on my perception of my own identity. I enormously appreciate her work and believe that she can bring better changes in peoples' life.

- NS

The session with Sotoda Saifi was amazing! She is very sweet, calm, caring, intuitive, loving, and a knowledgable person . She helped me so much with gaining more insight into my spiritual journey! The session with her was exactly what I needed and I look forward to more sessions with her in the future. The wisdom I got from my higher self gave me a new perspective in life. It’s a life changing experience. Sotoda helped me discover my true self. Thank you


Sotoda Saifi is a person who understands deeply the principles and spiritual techniques of healing at the subconscious level. My session involved dealing with an unresolved problem, involving childhood trauma which triggered repeated uncontrolled unpleasant memories. I emerged from the session refreshed, relieved and feeling alive. So far, I now do not experience the subconscious, automatic triggers, that lead to intense and unpleasant memories and behaviours. I have no hesitation in recommending her healing services


My session with Sotoda was really great. She is someone who is extremely patient, calm, understanding and very good at what she does. I underwent a guided meditation and answering some questions in regards to help me quitting smoking. Sotoda guided me deep into my subconscious mind, which showed me the unpleasant feeling and effects of smoking. After the session, I was full of energy, strength and will power for not smoking anymore. I am very grateful to Sotoda for her compassionate guidance, care and help.



It’s wonderful and amazing, so pure and joy full THANK YOU! 


I have just completed Sotoda's 6 Day series of self love online course, 'working through core belief's that cause anxiety and eliminate them forever'. I have also carried out 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions with Sotoda in the past year. I have been around growth and development programs for over a decade and I can recognise the qualities of a person who is standing for transformation of others. Sotoda has these- she is authentic, grounded, level headed, intuitive, confident and living in her higher purpose. She is able to channel information which is not coming from her thoughts and opinions and does not land as advice, however it is coming from delivering what the person who she is working with needs to hear or receive in that moment. She is a beautiful, loving vessel who is living her purpose with grace and wisdom. During my 1; sessions I found it beneficial to visit moments in my childhood and bring healing to them using Sotoda's guidance. I feel I was more in my masculine energy before I started working with Sotoda even though my core is feminine and her online program has given me the tools and understanding of how to embrace my feminine energy and live in the present moment using divine guidance. I love you Sotoda, you are a gift to the world and I feel lucky to know you.



I have just attended the online workshop about Healthy Relationship organised by Sotoda . A very powerful workshop were they shared a lot of very good and well-structured valuable information to us. I really loved the energy and the safe space they created to reflect on different topics of healthy relationships, for example 'how to express needs and boundaries?,' 'how to process difficult emotions?' and about vulnerability.
Also loved loved the meditation we finished with. I really feel the love flowing from my heart. So thank you ladies and looking forward to working on Sacred LOVE.


I attended hypnotherapy sessions with Sotoda at her clinic in Harley Street and I had a beautiful, peaceful , spiritual experience, which has changed me and helped me become the best of me. It is thanks to Sotoda for her amazing gift , an ability to recognise and know the root of the problem and to be able to help one find that inner strength and using hypnotherapy to remove that problem and release all fears. She is also able to help break bad cycles and to help one self connect to ones higher self. Sotoda also gives insightful spiritual advice on personal problems, relationship problems, family problems  and how to deal with people and the world we live in today. Thank you again Sotoda for everything you have done for me X :) 


Sotoda has opened my eyes regarding the many unresolved emotional issues that I have with family and loved ones. My experience with her, taking a look into my higher self, has made me feel very safe throughout the entire process.
If ever you want to try hypnotherapy at Harley Street, I highly recommend her.


Having attended hypnotherapy sessions at Harley street has really opened my mind as to the limitations we set ourselves and breaking out of barriers and cycles. I am so grateful to have experienced these sessions because I managed to find better ways of dealing with my emotions. Most of all, I’m grateful for the amazing support, patience and encouragement received.



The session we had was more than I expected. Sotoda is passionate about understanding and helping people progress in their life goals. I really enjoyed the session and look foreword for future sessions.

- M.S

I was very lost and felt at a low place when I first decided to have a session, fast forward 3/4 months later I feel alive. I have found my purpose and confidence to be the best that I can be. I've been struggling with serious anxiety issues and was oblivious to normality.  Sotoda helped me find my zen. She has an innate ability of truly understanding the underlying issues and the root cause of problems. I cannot thank her enough for the positivity  she has brought in my life.


A really positive experience - gave me an insight into keeping the feminine energy turned on and the importance of meditating and letting go off the past.  Surely helped me to look into a happier state of myself . Thanks a lot Sotoda for your amazing energy!!


So Grateful for meeting Sotoda at a retreat last year. Her energy is magnetic, peaceful and at ease. Learnt so much that I apply even subconsciously at times in my daily life. Thank you for inspiring, being such a beautiful example of this healing journey and moving past with
Grace and Beauty& Love lots.


Amazing session my lovely. I felt like I'd been in a slumber for a while and I've woken up something inside Almost like peeling away at layers of me and finding a newer, cleansed and rejuvenated me. Thank you, & looking forward to the sessions in a couple of weeks to keep discovering myself. Wasn't expecting this much of an impact on my inner self! 


I'm so grateful to know Sotoda. The hypnotherapy sessions we had was so helpful. She opened my heart before my eyes, it was so beneficial from the fist session we had. A transformation happened to me, it feels like I can breath again. So much love for you dear.


So Grateful for meeting Sotoda at a retreat last year. Her energy is magnetic, peaceful and at ease. Learnt so much that I apply even subconsciously at times in my daily life. Thank you for inspiring, being such a beautiful example of this healing journey and moving past with
Grace and Beauty& Love lots.


I feel more connected to my feminine energy. My skin looks better and I feel more comfortable and confident in my  own skin. During the session my inner child fears and anger came up. Sotoda perfectly guide me to heal them. I now understand my body and am working towards healing myself. I now feel very self assured and look to find answers from within and follow my own intuition, which is something I struggled with a before.


First of all I'm so grateful to know Sotoda, second the hypnotherapy session we had was so helpful, she opened my heart before my eyes and after it, a big transformation happened to me, it feels like I can breath again, so much love.


I feel blessed that I have found Sotoda and the work she does. It has been a life changing experience for me. I feel I am getting back to my core being through Sotoda’s support and work. Sotoda is not just helping me but my daughter, who will in turn, help her daughter when she is a mother. Thank you so much, Sotoda


I have just completed a container of 24 sessions with the lovely Sotoda - I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her to hold this space and how she facilitates the best conditions for an individual to seek their own healing to become empowered. This is the gift that keeps on giving, even if there are layers that seem so painful to peel at the start, it moves towards being more receptive of love, light and bliss. This is the work that bridges heaven on earth. Thank you so much for being such an integral part of my healing process <3


First of all I'm so grateful
to know Sotoda, second the
The hypnotherapy session we had was so helpful, she opened my heart before my eyes and after it, a big transformation happened to me, it feels like i can breath again so much love.


Thank you so much I can say that you are a grace from God you come for us like a gift from God. l am very grateful to you. Who can imagine that I woke up today at 5:30, then I prayed, then I did my meditation and breathing, what a big change!! Usually in an exam day I do not waste any minute except in my studies, now I take it easier because of this tools. I will complete a year next month & I am using these wonderful tools every single day which helped. Thank you sooo much!


It's amazing how all this wrong mindset is installed into us gradually from childhood and then fully by time we are adults, causing us problems with relationship with self , romance family and friends and colleagues. Thank goodness I decided to see you last year, and I have got rid of that false installation, and relationship now with self, family, friends colleagues is how it should be, from my Soul, I have started from the beginning, and been restored to my true self, and future Romance will also be from the Soul, Thank goodness I was aware last year and wanted to do something about it.


I had my first session of hypnotherapy with the amazing Sotoda. I was definitely nervous beforehand because I'm a huge advocate of therapy and always will be(have had a course of talking therapy in the past) and this was very much needed to be honest with a lot of what's gone on in my personal life especially this year. I do feel a little overwhelmed, emotional but at peace with a couple things which I'm so shocked about as I didn't expect that from one session. Sotoda suggests just taking some time away and being present in things I enjoy so with all these emotions floating currently I'm off to do that. Why am I sharing this? Its really important to heal from things you face no matter how hard so look after yourself my darlings and be easy on yourself. Also if you're feeling lost and alone it's ok to reach out. Help isn't a weakness but a huge strength.



All the work we have done has completely changed me , Changed everything, I'm looking forward to the next level, looking forward to the future, plain canvas for me to create a new life starting from the present moment and going from there, from here onwards, surrendering to the Divine, and allowing my intuition and Divine God, who is the universe and
my guardian Angels and my spirit guides to guide me, I'm not afraid anymore!

- Y

I didn't see a therapist, i saw a sister with a big amount of love and surrounding, i saw a beautiful soul and white heart with me, a road to the light. Love u loads my dear, hope Allah will give u much more than u expect and deserve.


I'm so so grateful for the healing work you have done with me. I feel so empowered and determined to live up to my full potential! You've helped me replace any negative beliefs with new uplifting ones. You are truly gifted!


My interaction with people has completed changed, I don't live around people, I don't allow people to dictate to me or make me feel I have no say or don't matter, my new natural self cancels all this out and boundaries come out naturally and therefore interaction is amazing and how it should be, how it should always of been , people who are no good for me go, naturally, and I align naturally with people who are good for me :)

- T

I feel happy , peaceful, I feel I am the true me, I feel harmony , excitement, and contentment, I feel so at peace inside,, I feel clear, I feel clarity all the time, I'm constantly in the present without trying to like in the beginning of transformation, I am constantly using my intuition naturally without trying to basically, I feel I am finally me who I've always supposed to be, all that jaded plaque of Bad experiences and bad beliefs about myself and the ego have gone, I am now me,  me who I was supposed to be all along.

- Y

Thank you so very much for yesterdays session. You made me feel so loved and welcome. It truly was an experience I'll treasure and I want to further myself in learning about practises which will support my journey xxx

- K

Thank you so much for our session, I felt so good after, and I am starting to get a sense of what feminine energy feels like. I felt I stepped into my flow after our call and it's a lovely, warm feeling. I feel lighter and have more energy and stillness already. Thank you for the great work you are
doing my angel.


Hello everyone at Self Love Family. I wanted to share my experience so far with the wonderful Sotoda Saifi and hope this serves as light on your path. I have been on this journey to consciously heal myself for the last couple years. I tried lots of different therapeutic modalities for anxiety and burnout. Whilst talking therapy has its place in intellectualising why we feel the way we feel - found this to be palliative - meaning not much would shift even if I had awareness of myself and my patterns. The real transformation began when I dedicated myself to become undone safely in a hypnotherapy container with Sotoda. I started with Healing Childhood and Family Trauma course which was 6 weeks of deep healing and expanding my awareness of myself and the story of my lineage. After this, I felt deeply called to work with Sotoda 1:1 and honestly I could not imagine we could heal everything I had been carrying for so long - yet I watched God shower his mercy and love on me and let myself be transformed so deeply. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Sotoda to hold this space and how she facilitates the best conditions for an individual to seek their own healing to become empowered. This is the gift that keeps on giving, even if there are layers that seem so painful to peel at the start, it moves towards being more receptive of love, light, bliss and letting God move through you. This is the work that bridges heaven on earth. I want to thank Sotoda for being my dear companion on this journey and for whoever is reading this for having the courage to heal yourself and bring more light to this universe <3


Im writing this review at the halfway point into Sotodas 6 weeks trauma healing course. The space has been beautifully facilitated and supported by her. So far results are phenomenal at this point already with so many shifts occurring in my life  at present. The one very noticeable difference I’ve experienced is losing nearly a dress size only just halfway through the course as my body has been able to release trauma and stagnant energy that no longer serves me. I am an active person and I eat well however I always felt there was stubborn water weight that would not shift despite my lifestyle. This course has given me great insight into our body stores trauma and how this manifests physically in the body. I am so grateful to have taken this course and to have Sotoda as a guide on my journey. She is truly gifted, wise and holds space with love and integrity. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to heal deeply and become empowered on their journey. 


I have kept on my weight for years to keep me safe from men. If I am ‚Äúunattractive‚ÄĚ I won‚Äôt attract men, so I won‚Äôt be hurt, because no one can leave me if I am already alone


I realised that my weekend ‚Äúcheat meals‚ÄĚ are sabotaging all the hard work I do over the week, because I didn‚Äôt feel SAFE in the world


My weight was due to family generational trauma of persecution and immigration. Having extra fat on me would allow me to have the reserve to live through and survive the next hardship