• You are currently going through a difficult time
  • Experiencing Anxiety
  • Going through a break up or relationships tension
  • Have family problems, health issues or even financial worries
  • You feel gutted, lost, confused, or in pain
  • You’re feeling ungrounded or chaotic and you want to find tools to ground, come back to your body, and reclaim a sense of inner-security and peace
  • Your self-esteem has taken a dive and you need help reclaiming your power. 
  • You feel betrayed and you’re afraid you’re never going to be able to open your heart to anyone again 
  • You are ready for change, abundance in confidence and a life

Join the “Healing Childhood and Family Trauma Course”  designed to deeply transform you & help you so you can start living a life you deserve that is aligned with your highest purpose.


Are you feeling Stuck, Stressed or Anxious?  

Do you want to heal the root cause of your Anxiety and Overthinking?

Overthinking, Anxiety and Stress are all Trauma Responses, which most likely occur in Childhood or are passed down from Generation to Generation. Just like physical illness can be passed down through generations, so can mental, emotional, and spiritual disease.

If you are ready to Heal your Childhood and Family Generational Trauma on a deep subconscious level, this course is for you!

We will use the most effective tools to reprogram your subconscious mind EFT, Hypnotherapy and Breathwork. After working with thousands of client sessions, I have created a 6 6-week program to help you heal any childhood and ancestral wounds. These wounds may be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. 

If you don't heal your childhood and family Trauma, what might the results be long term?

A child’s attachment style also affects their parenting style when they have children of their own.

People base their parenting behaviour form their own parents on a deep subconscious level. 

This explains why people that come from dysfunctional families create similar dynamic.

Predicting that patterns of attachment is passed down generation to generation

A study by Bailey et al 2001 shows that “Mothers who had a poor attachment to their own parents were more likely to have children classified as having a poor attachment. S if we do not heal our Childhood and Family Generational Trauma, we will end up passing it on to our children. 

Heal, so your children don't need to heal from having you as a parent. If you already do have children, that's ok too, because you can still impact their lives for the better and guide them once you heal. 

This cycle of unhealthy attachment through generations can be healed on a deep subconscious level and this is exactly what we will be doing in this course & I am super Exited. 

You feel the calling to heal Childhood trauma and Family trauma and stop anxiety and stress, so you can feel confident and full of life. So... what’s stopping you?


  • Waking up in the morning feeling grateful and exited for your day to start.

  • Feeling healthy and having an amazing relationship with your body.

  • Having a healthy, fulfilling relationship, where you feel loved, seen, heard and appreciated.

  • Being able to have fun with Friends and Family and feeling completely present.

  • Doing what you love for a living 




I feel blessed that I have found Sotoda and the work she does. It has been a life changing experience for me. I feel I am getting back to my core being through Sotoda’s support and work.

Sotoda is not just helping me but my daughter, who will in turn, help her daughter when she is a mother. Thank you so much, Sotoda.


I feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin. During the session my inner child fears and anger came up. Sotuda perfectly guide me to heal them. I now understand my body and am working towards healing myself. I now feel very self assured and look to find answers from within and follow my own intuition, which is something I struggled with a before. 



Module 1: Healing Childhood Shock & Fear

Heal childhood trauma of fear and build trust in yourself to feel safe and grounded.


Module  2: Healing Being Shamed or punished

Healing shame & guilt, to unleash your creativity.


Module  3: Forgiveness - letting go of Anger & Resentment (Hate)

Heal anger &  resentment by forgiveness to open your heart and feel more self love, compassion and receive the love you deserve.

Module 4: Healing your Mother’s lineage
Heal mother wound & ancestors from mothers side.


Module 5: Healing your Father's lineage
Heal father wound & ancestors from father’s side.


Module 6: Healing your Relationship with Money
Deep cellular level money blocks healing.



I am the CEO of Sotoda Saifi Coaching and founder Self Love Mastery School. My passion for psychology, hypnotherapy, meditation, and coaching has led me on a transformative journey that I now share with my clients.

Having struggled with anxiety throughout my life, I refused to succumb to the numbing effects of medication and anti-depressants. Instead, I embarked on a quest to gain mastery over my mind, and along the way discovered the ancient teachings of meditation and spirituality from the Vedic and Sufi sources.

Upon my return to the UK, I stumbled upon hypnotherapy, which had an instantaneous, life-changing impact on me. I decided to pursue my passion for reprogramming the subconscious mind and became a licensed hypnotherapist, certified coach, and mindfulness-based therapeutic practices expert.

Now, as a hypnotherapist and coach, I offer one-on-one hypnosis sessions both in-person in the heart of London's Harley Street and online. My transformative hypnotherapy events throughout London cover a range of topics, including energy clearing, inner child healing, forgiveness, relationship healing, stress and anxiety management, self-esteem, confidence, trauma release, and kundalini yoga.

I am committed to helping ambitious women like you find their true fulfillment. My focus is on empowering you to love yourself so deeply that your entire life changes for the better. With my guidance, you'll learn that self-love and mindset are the keys to a happier, more peaceful, and more aligned life.

As a hypnotherapist and coach, I am fascinated by the workings of the mind and the impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships. My greatest joy is seeing the transformative look in my clients' eyes as they start creating the life they deserve.

No matter how difficult and painful your past may be, I can help you find a path to true fulfilment. Join me on my journey, and let me help you transform your life through hypnotherapy.

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