7. Mark Dempster ON: What is Addiction and how can we heal it?

Season #1 Episode #8

Mark Dempster is an addiction therapist at Harley Street, London and has been personally recovering from addiction himself. I am so grateful and exited to welcome you to this episode of Self Love School podcast, Mark has helped thousands of people including many celebrities and well knows people heal their addictions and live a healthy, fulfilling  and meaningful lives. 

He is also a best selling author to " Nothing to Declare: Confessions of an Unsuccessful Drug Smuggler, Dealer and Addict" and "The Ongoing Path: A Guide to Stopping Addictive Behaviour and Fulfilling Ambition", which are both available on Amazon.co.uk. 

We discuss what exactly Addiction is and where it comes from. Why do we find ourselves addicted to certain things and what are the core issues related to addiction. 

How do we know we are addicted? Addiction can be to so many different things: Alcohol, Drugs, Caffeine, Gambling, Food, Sugar, Work, Shopping, Attention, Other People, Use of our Phone etc. If addiction is not dealt with on a deep level, it tends to transform from one form to another. 

Make sure you listen all the way through to find out the answer to all these questions. Thank you for being with us and I hope you enjoy this episode. 

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God bless you! 

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