8. Tarinee Sawetnaphanon ON building a business and facing the fears on our way to financial freedom.

Season #1 Episode #9

Tarinee is an Entrepreneur, a property investor, a speaker, an author, a wealth coach as well as being a happy single mother. Her books : 'The landlord's guide.', 'Happiness, Health and Wealth, Yes! You can have it all.', and 'Single mum and happy' are available on  het website https://www.tarineesawetnaphanon.com/ for purchase. 

In this episode Tarinee shares with us her incredible wisdom on business and finances. We discuss how important our vision, values and purpose is in choosing the right business for us. Make sure you listen all the way through if you want to find out what to do if you want to start your own business with a stable foundation that will ultimately set you up for financial success and freedom. 

Much love and God bless you. 

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