14. A. HELWA ON: Islam & Spirituality

Season #1 Episode #14

I am so grateful and exited to welcome you to this episode of Self Love School podcasts. In today’s episode we speak on Spirituality and Islam with the talented author A. Helwa, who has helped thousands of people understand the deeper dimensions of their soul. 

Helwa is known for her Best-selling book “Secrets of Divine Love”, A spiritual journey into the heart of Islam and has inspired thousands of people through her inviting, gentle and passionate approach to spirituality. The book speaks straight to the heart of the reader and with every page, guides them on a journey to the pure Love of the Divine. 

Her popular blog @quranquotesdaily, was established while attending a Masters in Divinity, as a means of helping others overcome personal and spiritual struggles on their journey of experiencing Divine Love.  

No matter what your faith and background, this podcast will not only enlighten their minds, but inspiring the soul towards deeper intimacy with God. We discuss what exactly the Spiritual path involves, what is Suluk and what it means to return to source and take the path of the Divine. Helwa beautifully explains how we purify the heart, surrender, let go of attachments, forgive and become receptive to the Grace of God. 

We talk about Manifestation, The Law of Attraction and living life of service. We also briefly cover 'Life after Death' and how we prepare for that here on Earth. Make sure you listen all the way through to find out the answer to all these questions. Thank you for being with us and I hope you enjoy this episode. 

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To learn more about A. Helwa’s work and how to approach the Divine through Love visit https://authorahelwa.com 

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