15. Zahra Aljabri ON: Relationships & Divine Love

Season #1 Episode #15

Welcome to Self Love School, where we connect together in a community of Self Love, Self Care & Confidence. Today’s wonderful guest is Zahra Aljabri, founder of @practicalmuslim, who is a Spiritual Mindset Coach that empowers bold Muslims to connect with their Divine essence, transforming their lives with abundance of love, peace and wealth! I am so exited to share our podcast on Relationships & Divine Love with you guys, where we talk about what Love is in Islam and Spirituality! How we can create a healthy, divine relationship? Is it possible to create a healthy relationship after a toxic relationship or divorce? And How? What lessons we can learn from Khadija RA and Prophet Mohammad pbuh and their relationship? What it means to have a healthy marriage? What role does masculinity & femininity play in a fulfilling relationship or marriage! So stay tuned and make sure you listen all the way through. Make sure you’ve subscribed, rates and reviewed the podcast. Zahra Aljabri @practicalmuslim --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/sotoda-saifi/support