Become a Masterful Coach


Imagine breaking free from the unconscious programming that has been holding you back and creating a profitable business doing what you love.

It's time to turn your passions and natural skills of helping others into a source of abundant profit. 

Introducing the Coaching Mastery Programme

A transformative 3-day experience 

 designed specifically for women who want to start their business as a coach or existing coaches, healers, and therapists who want to deepen their skills and serve their clients on a deeper level


This is for you...

 ✔️ You have a strong desire to make a difference in people's lives but feel uncertain about effectively serving clients at the highest level.

✔️ Your own internal obstacles are hindering your confidence in helping clients.

✔️ You seek straightforward yet immensely impactful techniques that prioritise trauma-informed and ethical practices.

✔️ You yearn for the self-assurance to showcase your abilities and attract ideal clients who are genuinely eager to work with you.

✔️ You are turned off by manipulative sales tactics and are seeking a more authentic approach to securing your first (or next!) client

✔️ You are unfulfilled in your current job and want to shift to a more rewarding career helping others change, while earning a good living for yourself. AND controlling your time!

✔️ You are eager to level up in your existing career as a therapist so that you can create deeper, long-lasting change for your clients.

✔️ You are not sure whether a career in hypnotherapy is the right path for you - but you want to find out


By participating in the Coaching Mastery Programme, you will gain invaluable insights, practical strategies, and powerful techniques that will accelerate your coaching journey. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your coaching practice to new heights, this challenge is designed to help you unleash your coaching potential


3 Days: 3 Life-Changing Coaching Mastery Lessons.


Unleashing your Confidence as an embodied Coach - Manifest anything you want with courage.

  • Explore why manifesting hasn’t been working for you and how to change that.
  • Engage in mindset shifts: Explore limiting beliefs and transform them into empowering beliefs that support your confidence as a coach.
  • Utilise affirmations: Create and repeat positive affirmations that reinforce your coaching skills and abilities.
  • Visualisation exercises: Visualise yourself as a confident and successful coach, embodying the qualities and attributes you aspire to have.
  • Raise your vibe to match your dreams
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Learn my personal tool that I use when I want to manifest something

Healing Blockages to Success: Unworthiness, Procrastination, Overwhelm, Burnout, Perfectionism, Imposter syndrome

  • Serve your clients and get life transformative and long lasting results, for that, you need to do your own inner work.
  • Access tools that help you show up for your clients in the most effective, efficient, authentic, and powerful way.
  • Clearing blocks to Abundance - heal your relationship with Money so you can make more, receive more, save more, spend consciously, invest consciously, and give away generously!
  • Journaling: Reflect on past experiences, beliefs, and emotions that may be holding you back. Write about them and explore ways to release and heal from these blockages.
  • Guided meditations: Engage in guided meditations focused on self-healing, forgiveness, and letting go of any negative emotions or traumas that may be impacting your coaching journey.
  • Energy healing techniques: Explore modalities such as Hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or breathwork to clear any energetic blockages that may be hindering your confidence as a coach.

Becoming a Powerful Coach- Money Mindset + Clients + Sales

  • Build a successful profitable business while helping others and making a difference in the world
  • Stop people pleasing
  • Discover your patterns in creating the income you desire!
  • Easily attract your Soulmate Clients
  • How to deal with Sales Objections so you can easily attract your ideal clients
  • Get clients energetically - create clients anytime you want
  • Learn effective coaching strategies: Study and practice foundational coaching techniques, including goal-setting, action planning, and
    accountability structures to support your clients' progress.
  • Develop active listening skills: Enhance your ability to truly listen to your clients, be fully present, and empathise with their experiences.
  • Powerful questioning techniques: Learn how to ask insightful and thought-provoking questions that guide your clients toward self-discovery and transformation.

BONUS: Healing your relationship with Money hypnosis

  • Explore additional techniques like visualisation, positive psychology and hypnotherapy to enhance your coaching effectiveness.
  • Conduct coaching sessions with peers and receive valuable feedback to further develop and refine your coaching skills.

To manifest your desires, you must ignite them from within, fully immersing yourself in that longing.

Through the Activation Experience, you will undergo a transformative process that will bring your desires to life.


Here's what you can expect:
  • Activation Sessions: You will participate in four powerful sessions that will unlock the codes to your desires. These sessions will help
    you tap into your inner potential and align your actions with your deepest aspirations.
  • Prompts, Exercises, and Activities: You will receive special prompts, exercises, and activities designed to facilitate deep reflection. These
    tools will help you gain clarity, remove obstacles, and accelerate your progress toward manifesting your desires.
  • Access to a Supportive Community: Throughout the journey, you will have access to a community of like-minded individuals who are also
    on their path to manifesting their desires. This community will provide support, celebration, and inspiration as you navigate your own transformation.


Through this comprehensive experience, you will activate your desires, unleash your inner potential, and embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling and abundant life

Sotoda Saifi


Introducing Sotoda, a renowned hypnotherapist, and coach with a profound commitment to empowering women on their transformative journeys.

With over eight years of experience, Sotoda has helped thousands of women, from all over the world, heal on a deep subconscious level and achieve extraordinary results.

Driven by a passion for psychology, hypnotherapy, meditation, and coaching, Sotoda embarked on a personal quest to overcome anxiety without relying on medication. Along this path, she discovered the ancient teachings of meditation and spirituality, drawing inspiration from mystical figures like Kabeer, Rumi, and Al-Gazali.

Sotoda's mission is to support and empower ambitious women, providing them with the tools and resources necessary for both financial success and personal fulfilment. Through her work, she helps individuals navigate the impact of childhood trauma on adult relationships, guiding them toward transformative life changes.

Witnessing the profound transformations in her clients' eyes brings Sotoda immense joy. No matter how challenging one's past may be, she believes in finding a path to true fulfilment. By joining Sotoda to support your journey, you can experience the life-changing benefits of hypnotherapy and transform your own life.

Take the first step towards a better future and let Sotoda guide you to true fulfilment through the power of hypnotherapy.


Become a Masterful Coach

Join us for 3-days that will change your life. You’ll learn how to unlock the power within you to turn your dreams into reality and experience a life filled with abundance, happiness, and authentic connections. Space is limited, so don’t wait! Save your spot today.