Heal your Relationship Bundle

This free training shares why we find ourself in toxic relationships and how to break this painful cycle. We will have a chat, do breathwork, EFT tapping and last but not least, Hypnotherapy to heal on a deep subconscious level. 

What you will get:

1. Heal your Relationship Workshop

2. EFT + Breathwork

3. Heal your relationship Hypnosis

4. 5 Step Guide to find your NEEDS in a relationship E-BOOK 

6. How our childhood affects our relationship patterns: The 4 Attachment Styles 





We’ll be covering:

  • Attachement styles
  • Childhood trauma
  • Manifesting Love
  • and so much more...

3 Common Self Sabotaging Mistakes in Relationships:

Mistake #1: Chasing

Anything you chase, runs away. Constantly thinking about someone or obsessing over then is CHASING energy. You are giving them your precious energy. The energy that creates worlds. What we will work on is preserve that energy and filling you up with so much self love and confidence that you stop overthinking about things and people that drain your energy. 

Mistake #2: People pleasing

People pleasing is a coping mechanism that is a result of childhood uncertainty. You had to make sure you pleased one or both of your parents/caregivers in order to be safe. If you didn't you may have been ignored, neglected, criticised or even punished. People pleasing in adult relationships results in a lot of resentment and frustration, conflict and even separation. 

Mistake #3: Not knowing your worth

If you don't know your worth you will also attract people who reflect that back to you. They are only showing you how you feel about yourself on a subconscious level. Once you heal that on a deep cellular level, you will not only know your worth, but will only accept the very  best, which is exactly what you deserve!