Coaching Mastery Programme

Welcome to the Coaching Mastery Programme! Are you ready to take your coaching skills to the next level and unlock your true potential?

Sign up now for this exclusive 3-day Programme and embark on a transformative journey to become a masterful coach. 

  Focus: Elevating your coaching skills

 What You'll Get:

  1. Daily Coaching Lessons: Receive daily actionable coaching lessons delivered straight in your Kajabi Portal. These lessons are carefully crafted to help you enhance your coaching techniques and acquire new skills.
  2. Practical Exercises: Engage in hands-on practical exercises designed to strengthen your coaching abilities. These exercises will challenge you to think creatively, develop effective strategies, and
    improve your overall coaching approach.
  3. Bonus Q&A Sessions: Our question and answer sessions with Sotoda. 
  4. Interactive Community: Connect and interact with a vibrant community of aspiring and experienced coaches who are participating in the challenge. Collaborate, share experiences, and support each other on your coaching journeys.
  5. Resources and Tools: Gain access to a curated collection of resources, tools, and recommended readings that will expand your coaching knowledge base and help you excel in your coaching practice. 

£333.00 GBP


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